How Do You Practice Inspiration?

How do you practice inspiration?

As music teachers, we spend an awful lot of time focusing on the nuts and bolts, and for good reason. Students have to learn to walk before they can run, or they might fall.

But where are they going?

We all get inspired by different things, but the feeling is universal: eyes light up, shoulders relax, a little smile creeps in and we’re hooked.

Do you remember why you first wanted to play music?

I was 5 years old, listening to Schermerhorn conduct the Nashville Symphony, and after Beethoven’s 5th was finished, as we were walking to the car, the music kept playing in my head.

It never stopped.

THIS is my inspiration: the beauty, the feeling music creates, the sheer joy of sharing it with the world in any form.

And it’s something I practice.

I practice listening.

I practice expanding my musical palette.

I practice creativity.

And yes, I practice reading, technique, scales, arpeggios, rep.. all of this works beautifully together.

The world is changing. Now, there are more new and exciting ways to share the gifts of inspiration with students than ever.

Technology has finally caught up with the way creative music teachers think, making innovation and inspiration accessible to everyone.

But the bottom line is inspiration, and how we create meaningful daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal practice habits that help us access that inspiration.

How do you practice inspiration?