3 Questions That Show If Tech Is Helping or Hurting Your Music Classes

Having technology is great, but sometimes it can be a double edged sword.

At it’s best, it works for us - making our lives easier and more efficient. At it’s worst - well...it just complicates things or adds frustration when it doesn’t work like it should.

Here are a few ways tech can hold back our music classes - as well as help us out.

  1. Is it expensive?

Sometimes products charge exorbitant fees - either up-front for the software itself, charging extra for “necessary” peripherals (really? I have to buy a mic for this app? Why?!), or large subscription fees. It seems their main goal is to get you funneled into their program while they nickel and dime you the whole time.  It’s not like music teachers make a ton of money or have large budgets to allocate to expensive software either, and passing that cost onto the parents can cause resentment. 

Musico’s business model is different, however. There is no expensive peripheral equipment whatsoever - all that’s needed is a computer and an internet connection. Best of all, Musico is always completely free for teachers. Students can subscribe at a low rate of $5 monthly and get full access to Musico in its entirety, and lately, school districts have been picking up the tab for classroom teachers, or putting it under STEM/STEAM budgets.

Musico believes music is for everyone - not just those who can pay outrageous fees.  

2. Does it work?

Nothing is more frustrating than playing notes and having them not even register properly - sometimes right along with several other notes you didn’t play. It’s bad enough if it’s just you, but what if you had a classroom of fifty students and half aren’t getting the right input? Or worse, bad lag - suddenly the student is seeing notes they played five minutes ago and getting confused. 

Musico is always accurate, because it’s simple. Just build the track (or use a ready-made template) and play along at whatever tempo you set. It doesn’t try to guess what you’re playing - it trusts you to know what you’re doing. 

3. Do The Students Love It?

Some tech clearly wasn’t built with the student in mind. The learning curve is steep, the interface is confusing and worst of all...it’s just not fun. If your tech is causing more frustration than fun, it might be time to make a switch. 

Musico was built from the ground up with student engagement as it’s focus. The interface is simple, colorful, and easy to understand. Building tracks, changing tempo, and looping are all a simple mouse click away. If a student is having fun, they’re going to practice more. A practicing, happy student is a successful student - and that’s something every music teacher wants. 

Technology doesn’t always do what it says it’s supposed to, but when it does, our lives are simplified, our students are happier and our classes are better attended. If your current system isn’t working out for you, find something that will. Consider giving Musico a try - you might just be glad you did.