3 Smart Ways To Upgrade Your Studio Setup

Technology can be a powerful tool, if you know how to wield it. Here are a few ways it can make your life easier, help you upgrade your studio, and help keep students more engaged.

Record your lessons

Many teachers have issues painstakingly teaching students a song (or part of one) only to have them completely forget… well, everything… by the next lesson.

While the issue is usually lack of practice, some students have difficulty holding on to certain concepts.

There's no shame in that – everybody learns differently. One useful trick is to make a short video via iPad, iPhone, etc. of the piece in question. Do it slowly, at an angle that shows your fingering. Even better, use your student's device so you don't have to worry about sending the file – it's already with them.

Upgrade to Digital

We have all been there. A student walks in and wants to learn, say, an obscure song that it's difficult to find the music to. Perhaps your local music store has it in stock, but likely not. It could take weeks to get it.

By that time, the student's interest in that song has possibly waned – and by then you've lost that crucial flicker of attention.

Fortunately, there are several websites to legally download sheet music. Assuming a given website has the music you're looking for, your wait is inconsequential – you will be playing the music with your student in mere seconds. If you happen to not have a printer (or be out of paper), just download the song to your tablet. Problem solved.

Another great option is digital flash cards. Practically every student is glued to their smartphone already, so why not use that to your advantage with an app? There are dozens out there – some are bare bones, some turn the flash cards into a game, but it all amounts to the same thing – learning to read music conveniently.

Try Musico

Many teachers struggle with getting students to practice – it's practically a given to this line of work.

Keeping track of practice times can be a chore too – students may not be great at keeping practice diaries (or conveniently forget them at home).

Musico changes all that by working with the teacher to help students stay inspired while they are practicing at home, in a way that is actually trackable.

Want to build a custom track for your student who's struggling to learn a difficult run? Just drag and click. Easy. Now they're playing “with” someone, hearing the piece fleshed out, and having much more fun.

What's more, Musico is building a digital practice diary so you and your student can both see what they practiced and for how long.

There are just some of the tools you can use to upgrade your studio – there are plenty more, depending on your particular needs. Just do some digging. Find the things that work for you, and put them to use – you'll find your studio lean, mean, and streamlined in no time.

Ready to try Musico out? Click HERE for a free teacher account!